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30% Off
Waste Force WF-200 Waste Disposal Unit, 3/4Hp 10 Year Warranty - 30% off
Waste Force Flyer
Waste Force WF-200 Waste Disposal Unit, 3/4Hp 10 Year Warranty - 30% off
Universal Waste Disposal Unit Safety Air Switch - 10 Year Warranty
Universal Waste Disposal Unit Safety Air Switch - 10 Year Warranty
Waste Force WF-200 Waste Disposal Unit, 3/4Hp 10 Year Warranty - 30% off
Waste Force WF-200 Waste Disposal Unit, 3/4Hp 10 Year Warranty - 30% off
Waste Force WF-100 Waste Disposal Unit, 1/2Hp 10 Year Warranty - 30% off
Waste Force WF-200 Waste Disposal Unit, 3/4Hp 10 Year Warranty - 30% off

Waste Force WF-200 Waste Disposal Unit, 3/4Hp 10 Year Warranty – 30% off

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The powerful Waste Force WF-200 unit is a premium quality unit ideal for most families (2-8 people). It’s high performance motor never jams and has many useful design features such as a built in safety air switch.

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Waste Force – The Most Powerful Food Disposer on the Market

Waste Force lives up to it’s name by delivering an amazing torque power that’s will make light work of just about any food waste.  The WF-200 model is our premium model and has a 3/4Hp copper-wound motor with strong permanent magnets that create an unmatched force to grind away virtually anything.   It has many invaluable features and with a 10-year warranty offers fantastic value for money.  It has an instant elevated start speed of 4,000 RPM which provides a huge burst of torque to completely eliminate jams, no need for a jam-wrench like Insinkerator and many other brands!   The WF-200 is suitable for most households of 2 or more persons or if you are a single person doing lots of entertaining.

The WF-200 is a bit wider than the very slim WF-100 unit (although still smaller than the very bulky and badly designed Insinkerator units which use weak induction magnets) so do make sure that there is sufficient space under your sink before purchase. The safety air switch comes built in to the unit, you simply need to mount the air button and push-fit the air tube to connect it. This is the only 3/4 HP disposer on the market at this price to offer such a long 10-year warranty, all of our competitors offer 1-2 years at most.


Waste Force Makes Clearing Up a Breeze!

The WF-200 will grind away any waste from your kitchen bar string, metal and plastic including items that most disposers struggle with such as egg-shells, pineapple skins, coffee grinds, fruit stones and poultry bones. It makes clearing up a breeze. During preparation just wash all the peelings and husks into the unit, turn on the tap and flush away in seconds. After you finish eating just rinse all your plates so that the leftovers, bones and all just get ground up in seconds prior to loading them into the dishwasher.



No More Smelly Waste Hanging Around

Why put up with rotting smelly waste food on your kitchen work surfaces in a stupid ridiculous caddy?  You wouldn’t put your toilet waste on your kitchen surfaces!  Or almost as bad, why put it into your outside bins where it can wait 1,2,3 or even 4 weeks in some parts of the country until it is collected?  Here the rotting food will attract all sorts of vermin including rats and foxes as well as insects and flies along with their landfillconcomitant diseases.  Why put up with such unnecessary health hazards in your home or doorstep when there is a perfect low-cost solution at hand?





A Green Solution – Waste is Recycled into Electricity

anaerobic_digestor_waste_forceThe waste food once ground up is flushed down into the kitchen waste pipe and then on to the sewer system.  When it reaches the sewage treatment works the water companies treat it along with the other sewage waste and then put it into biological anaerobic digestors.  Here it is broken down into completely safe byproducts including methane which is used to generate electricity which gets fed into the national grid.  Approximately 90% of the UK’s sewage works do this.  Compare this with the current alternative which is to use refuse lorries to drive the waste to a landfill where it is just dumped untreated and eventually over many years breaks down again to give methane which is not captured but which pollutes the atmosphere contributing to global warming – methane gives 300 times more warming than carbon dioxide.



Many Great Quality Features

Waste Force is a brand that is owned and distributed in the UK solely by Henley Fan.  They have been designed to a very high specification by Waste-Force and built by a large manufacturer that has been making waste disposers for over 25 years and who make 500,000 units per year.  It has all of the features as the WF-100 model plus some added extras:

why_use_a_waste_disposal_unit_Page_1– 3/4 hp ( 555W ) power – to deliver fantastic grinding power
– Large 1 litre chamber – to process food quicker
– Thicker SoundSure insulation – to reduce running noise so even quieter
– 10 year unit warranty – for greater peace of mind
– DC permanent magnet copper wound motor- to deliver huge torque
– 4,000 RPM start speed – to prevent jams
– 4 x the grinding power of ISE’s Evolution model
– Slimline compact size – for tight spaces
– Cast stainless steel impellers – one of the toughest materials known, as used in ship impellers
– 10-Year unit warranty – built to last
– Lifetime corrosion warranty on the chamber – this is the biggest cause of failures in WDU’s
– Balanced turntable – to prevent vibrations
– Power overload safety protector and reset button – in case of metal accidentally being dropped in and causing a jam
– Removable splash guard – for easy cleaning
– Built-in air-switch – to ensure your safety.  Note: Can also run with the wall on/off switch if preferred see below.
– Standard outlet/sink hole 3.5″/9 cm
– For further measurements please download the Datasheet below

Free next day APC delivery to mainland UK.

For further info please visit the Waste Force website.


NB: Please ensure that you download the air-switch installation instructions below as they are not included in the box.  Please read if you wish to use the mains on/off switch instead of the air switch.

WF-200 Data Sheet

Waste Force Leaflet

Waste Force Installation Instructions

Waste Force Air Switch Installation Instructions

NB: Please remember to register your unit for the extended warranty here.

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8 reviews for Waste Force WF-200 Waste Disposal Unit, 3/4Hp 10 Year Warranty – 30% off

  1. Excellent Unit – Jeremy Evans (verified owner)

    I have had waste disposal units for many years and this is one of the best by far. My last one was always jamming – the permanent magnet design makes a big difference.

  2. Grinds away everything I give it – Peter Hind (verified owner)

    I went for the bigger unit which takes everything that I throw at it – impressive!

  3. Amazing product – Julie Richardson (verified owner)

    What an awesome product, I don’t know how I managed without it. No hassle installation and the airswitch works well.

  4. Works a Treat – Neil Ship (verified owner)

    Does what is says on the tin but does it really well.

  5. Saves me a ton of time – Rob Colson (verified owner)

    This is so easy to use, just wash everything into it and gone in seconds. I have also never had any jams unlike my last one, it just does the job effortlessly.

  6. I don’t know how I managed before – Jessie Jenkins (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with this machine -my neighbour had one as I had never seen such a thing before but I have to say I am very impressed and it is certainly worth every penny.

  7. Council Food Bin Gone – Samantha Barnes (verified owner)

    Thank God I have got rid of that awful slops bin. This is so much more hygenic.

  8. Brilliant Disposer – Tim McCrea (verified owner)

    An excellent piece of kit – Much smaller and far more powerful than my last unit, I am really pleased!

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