Waste Force Universal Replacement Splash Guard


Replacement universal Waste Force Splash Guard For EZ Mount Disposers.  This will fit most permanent magnet waste disposal units including Waste King, Waste Maid, Franke and Commander disposal units.  NB: Stopper is for illustration purposes only and is NOT included.

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Waste Force replacement universal splash guard for any waste disposers including Waste Force, Waste King, Waste Maid, Franke and Commander disposal units.  Also referred to as a rubber gasket, washer, seal, safety guard.  Push fit easy installation, no tools or dismantling required.  These should be taken out and cleaned regularly and should be replaced once the leafs are not springing back to cover the throat.  This can happen if like me you are pushing big stuff down it everyday like grapefruit halves as eventually the rubber perishes!


– 3″/80mm outside diameter
– 2.5″ inside diameter
– Fits the Waste Force WF100/200, Waste King Legend International range 1025 / 1525 / 2625 / 3125 / 5025, Waste Maid, Franke and Commander models of disposers

Note: Stopper NOT included shown for illustration purposes only.  If using the stopper it may not make a perfect seal to hold water in the sink.  Price includes UK postage and packing but charge of £10 for postage and packing to EC countries signed for. Call or email for prices to other countries.

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