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Hunter Ceiling Fan Control Wire Harness Repairs – Start & Speed Capacitors, Reverse & Speed Switches – 240 v Genuine Parts


Hunter fan genuine original 240v replacement controller wire harness spare part.  This starts, stops, changes and regulates the fan motor speed – Extend the life of your fan.  Please call our office to check the right version for your model. Includes postage and packing.

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Hunter Ceiling Fan – Fault Finding and Repairs

We stock genuine original spare part wire harnesses for most of the 240v Hunter ceiling fan range.  The wire harness sits in the lower switch housing underneath the motor and manages the control of the motor i.e. start, direction, speed and stopping.  It typically comprises of two capacitors one of which is a start capacitor the other one a speed control capacitor, a reverse switch and a speed switch.  Together these start the motor and change and control it’s speed when power is sent to it from the mains either via the pull-chain or remote control receiver.  Since there are many variations please contact us to obtain the correct one.  They have the correct Hunter connectors so you can quickly and easily replace them.

Since the motor unit themselves are extremely reliable and have a Lifetime Warranty this is the only part that really fails over time and so replacing it should extend the life of your fan by 5-10 years possibly more depending on use.


  • Price includes postage and packaging.
  • These are genuine original Hunter spare parts and warrantied for 1 year.

Fitting Instructions

Only perform this repair if you are a qualified electrician or competent DIY person.  Ensure that the power is turned-off to the fan by switching off at the wall and/or the consumer unit. Double-check using an electrical screw driver that there is no power there. Then remove the lower switch housing (d) by removing the 3 screws (c), disconnect the and remove the old wire harness by releasing the connector (c) block flap.  Then connect the new one ensuring that the wire colours line up exactly.  Secure the earth wire using the existing screw.  Reconnect the power for a minute whilst you test that it all works ok then turn off again.  Then reattach the housing cover and 3 screws and reconnect the power again.

Note:  These should not need replacing very often, maybe once in 5-10 years depending on the use.  If you are finding that they need replacing more frequently then please contact us as it is indicative of an underlying problem with your motor.


Hunter Industrie and Tribeca Ceiling Fans

These models have the wire harness at the top of the motor not below it – please refer to the installation manuals or contact us if you need further help.


Troubleshooting and Fault Fixing

If this doesn’t resolve the fault then check that you have live power coming in to the harness using a meter or electrical screwdriver when the fan it turned on by the remote of pull chain.  If not then check that there is power leaving the receiver and if not then the receiver is faulty (assuming that you have live going into the receiver).  We sell Hunter and our own brand more robust replacements for these called the Henley Fan Powerboat remote control pack (see below for link – ensure that you get the one with the Hunter connector blocks on for quick and easy fitting.)

If you do have power coming into the wire harness when the fan is turned on then it is probably the motor that is damaged or blown.  You can test for continuity with a meter.  If you purchased the fan from us then please contact us to arrange for an RMA number to return the fan to us for free testing, checking for damage and possible warranty replacement of the motor.  If it is due to physical, water or electrical damage and not warranty then we can advise on repair costs.


The Henley Fan Difference

These days many companies are selling Hunter fans for unrealistically low prices all over the internet but none of them sell these parts or provide the service to go with it.  We are not a box-shifter who takes your money and then give you call-centre script-based “help” which usually means buy a new fan.  Instead we believe our products should last for many years and therefore provide a high level of competent after-sales service along with parts to keep your purchase running for years.  We were selling Hunter fans before anybody else in the UK over 20 years ago and continue to take care of our customers.

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