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Hertford House Hotel, Bar and Restaurant Gallery

Hunter Lugano Ceiling Fans Solve Overheating Problem

Hertford House Hotel is a well known hotel in the middle of Hertford just north of London.  They found that in the evenings when it filled up the bar and restaurant area became very hot and the air unpleasant.   They therefore decided to install some ceiling fans.  After consulting with their interior designers and considering a few alternatives they selected the lovely Hunter Lugano ceiling fan.  The ceiling fans with their powerful air movement now not only get rid of the excess heat and humidity but also draw in fresh air transforming the environment.  They have been a big hit with the customers who immediately noticed the difference and as a result started to stay longer and spend more increasing turnover on the busy weekends by 25%.  The management are delighted and are planning to roll them out into other parts of the hotel soon.