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Waste Force AS1003 Universal Air Switch UK/EC – 20% off

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Waste Force AS1003 waste disposal unit universal air switch with mixed Schuko EC plug and UK socket .  Fits all waste disposal units including Insinkerator. German VDE approved with 10 Year Warranty.


This universal air switch by Waste Force is suitable for all brands and models of 220-240V continuous feed waste disposal units including Insinkerator. It works by sending a pulse of air through a tube to the mains actuator which then switches the power on and off. This is completely safe since it means no electricity is taken near to the sink ( which is metal and conducts electricity ) where water splashes could pose a danger.  Just plug the mains transformer into a suitably positioned wall socket ( preferably in the sink unit cabinet ) and then plug the waste disposer into the transformer. The button can be fitted on the worktop or in the sink slot ( just remove the existing blank plug and screw the nut on for the push button ). A 32mm diameter hole is required.

Available in chrome, polished steel and brushed steel finishes. This product is German VDE approved and comes with full instructions and a 10 year warranty. VDE is the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies and is considered to be the symbol of the highest electrical safety standard.

NB: This version has a UK socket and a European Schuko plug for customers who live outside of the UK in the EC who have a European wall socket and who wish to plug in a unit with a UK plug. Also please ensure you select the correct finish and correct size ( 46.5mm for sinks or 67.5mm for worksurfaces ). Picture shown for AS1001.

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