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Lucci Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Pack

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The Lucci remote control is a stylish, high quality remote control pack with a great clear LCD digital display and good functionality.  It is universal and the receiver will work with most AC, Hunter and other brand ceiling fans.  The receiver fit may need a few mm removing for some models due to the new size – hence the 50% price reduction. We offer an extra year to the standard manufacturer’s warranty making it 2 years.

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Universal Remote Control With Timer and Temperature Control

The Lucci remote control from Beacon Lighting is a beautiful, stylish, high quality remote control pack (comprising remote and receiver) with animated clear LCD digital display, in fact one of the nicest remote controls that we have ever come across. It is a universal remote so it should fit any AC ceiling fan that has the standard space in the canopy.

The remote transmitter and companion receiver are designed to control the speed of your ceiling fan and light. The LCD screen will indicate the speed of the fan, the temperature of the room, the light operation and the auto settings will turn the fan off at your preset temperature.  It is one of the few remotes to turn on and off according to the set temperature.

Features & Benefits:

– 3 speeds for control of any traditional AC ceiling fan
– Operates from up to 10 meters away
– LCD display
– Hour setting
– Light on/off control
– Light delay
– Temperature setting and auto temperature control
– Room temperature display
– Reverse function – no
– Battery not included due to postal restrictions – Requires 4 x AAA batteries
– 2 Year Warranty – All other shops only offer 1 year

The picture shows just the remote control transmitter only and not the receiver which has to be connected inside the fan canopy.  This is deliberately designed to be a tight fit in the canopy to avoid vibration causing damage to the receiver.

Note:  Reason for bargain 50% price reduction: The latest model of this receiver means it is about 2mm too big to fit in some Hunter fan canopies, you can still use it but may have to file a little bit off either the canopy or remote casing corner in order for it to fit.  This will not affect its working or invalidate your warranty. 


Remote Control Wiring Guide For Hunter & Other Ceiling Fans

The Lucci remote control and receiver are manufactured by Beacon Lighting, the largest lighting chain in Australia.  So when installing the quick-fit snap connector blocks will only fit Beacon brand fans.  For all other fans your electrician will need to cut the quick snap connector blocks off from both sides of the receiver and the corresponding two on the fan so that they can be connected using Wago or other standard electrical connectors.  Simply keep the cabling consistent in and out of the receiver.  All the wires are clearly labelled on the Lucci receiver so even without the pics below any competent electrician can easily see which wires to connect and will only have problems when they don’t bother to think or read this – which can happen as we do get calls from time-to-time!

On Hunter fans the light control wire (switched live) on Hunter fans is black/white striped and the other wires (ie earth, neutral and live) follow UK wiring.  Lucci Remote Control Installation and Operation Manual

Lucci Control Receiver Wiring Before Connecting

This is the receiver before installation showing the wires in and out – Note that all the wires are clearly labelled since wiring standards and colouring varies from country to country.








Lucci Control Receiver Placement With Ceiling Fan Wires

This shows the Lucci receiver Hunter fan (this is a Savoy but same for any Hunter fan) – showing where the snap connectors sit before cutting the blocks and connecting the wires.








Lucci Control Receiver Now Connected

This is now showing the wires connected using terminal blocks.  They can be soldered or connected with any standard electrical connectors such as Wago or twist connectors depending on the local electrical standards to your country.  Once this is done you need to check that it works by using the Lucci hand remote to see that all speeds work fine.  You can then fit it to the ceiling and fit the T-shaped receiver into the hanging kit – most ceiling fan hanging kits are designed to accommodate receivers such as this which are all a standard size.  The fit is deliberately designed to be tight to avoid any wobbling and shaking that would damage the remote.









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4 reviews for Lucci Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Pack

  1. A Very Nice Remote – Sue Atkins (verified owner)

    The received was a little tight to fit but the handset is really good with a very clear LCD display.

  2. A Good Value Buy – Richard Folger (verified owner)

    This was more expensive than I was planning but the quality is definitely worth the extra.

  3. Decent Remote Control – Trevor Douglas (verified owner)

    Was a bit tricky fitting but the Lucci is a quality product.

  4. Better than my Hunter – Tricha Cummins (verified owner)

    I prefer this to the previous Hunter as it is slightly larger and easier to use.

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