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Henley Fan Powerboat – Universal AC Ceiling Fan Remote Control Pack with Voltage Spike Protection

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The Henley Fan Powerboat is a great-value universal remote control pack (handset and receiver) suitable for all Hunter and other brand AC ceiling fans.  It built to high German GS quality standards by top Taiwanese remote specialist Rhine and has a stylish design with many features including a 3-speed control, dimmable light and power surge protection.  It comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Henley Fan Powerboat – Replacement AC Remote Control Pack

The Powerboat is our Henley Fan great looking, great-value universal ceiling fan remote control pack for Hunter and all AC type ceiling fans with built-in voltage surge spike protection.  It’s great look is designed to be similar to the now discontinued Hunter Speedboat remote and at half the price represents great value for money.  The pack comprises of both the receiver (which sits in the canopy of the fan) and the handset which sits in the wall cradle for safe keeping.

Beware Cheap Remotes – Why pay twice over?  The Powerboat is manufactured in Taiwan by Rhine, the best specialist remote control producer globally with a 30 year reputation for excellence, to exacting German standards with a quality design from Casa Fan having both TUV-SUD and CE approvals.  It is designed to resist the regular power surges and voltage spikes that occur in the mains that will blow cheaper Chinese-made receivers to provide a robust and long-lasting service.  For this reason we give a 2 year warranty, something that no other retailer does.  This receiver is compatible with and will fit all Hunter ceiling fan models apart from the Alchemy.

Depending on the available space within the canopy (which is where the receiver is positioned and is always a tight fit) it will work with all standard AC type ceiling fans.  If you are not sure please remove and check the size of your existing receiver (see below).  We are also happy to refund you if you find it doesn’t.

Features & Benefits:

– 3 speed fan control for all AC fans only.  Will not work on DC or EC type ceiling fans.
– Universal remote handset and receiver pack
– Hunter version has Hunter quick-fitting snap connectors. This universal version can be used on Hunter but with regular connectors, see below
– German TUV-SUD and CE approvals
– Power voltage surge/spike protection
– Light dimming selectable using dip switches
– Dimmable bulb can be LED from a quality brand
– Includes a wall-cradle holder
– 230V-50Hz
– Maximum motor power load 115 W
– Maximum light load 300 W
– Radio frequency works on 434 MHz range
– RF Range 10 metres
– 16 Selectable RF codes (to avoid interference with other devices)
– Takes 23A 12v battery (not included)
– Blue actuator light
– Manufactured by World’s best quality remote specialist Rhine in Taiwan
2 Year warranty (excludes damage)
– Free UK shipping (£10 to EC countries).





Important Installation Notes

1. Receiver Unit Size – You will need to fit the Powerboat receiver into the ceiling fan canopy (the part that joins the ceiling) for this to work.  There is a standard slot on all AC ceiling fans for the receiver to go into which is always a tight fit due to limited space.  It will be a tight fit due to the limited space in the canopy but it should at least 125mm in length x 50mm width x 26mm thickness in order to fit.   The handset on it’s own is not compatible with and will not work a Hunter or any other fan receiver.

2. Snap Connectors – Note that the connector blocks for the receiver to the fan are specific to each brand and each brand is slightly different.  If your fan is a Hunter one then ensure that you order the Hunter version of this otherwise your electrician will need to cut the snap connectors off both the receiver and the fan.  He will then need to use any standard connector blocks so that the colours of the wires match – Brown is live, blue is neutral, yellow/green earth and black goes to the fan light.  Other brands will require this to be done and will not invalidate any warranty on any fan or receiver purchased from us.

Note:  There is no black/white wire from the fan canopy in to the receiver as that is there for the wall control signal only and is not used here since the control signal goes via RF direct to the receiver.

3. Troubleshooting –  If your existing remote control no longer works then try replacing the battery first and that the blue light works when pressing the buttons.  Then check that you have power going to the receiver unit and when turned on by the remote, power coming out of it.  If not then the receiver is blown or failed and needs replacing.  If it does then there is a problem most likely with the start control capacitors and wire harness or very rarely the motor itself – please contact our office for advice and replacement spares.

4. RF Channel Problems – If the receiver is a new installation then check that the dip-switches on the remote handset match those on the receiver.  If you are using other RF remotes in the same room then they might activate the ceiling fan if they are on the same channel.  If so then use the dip-switches to select another channel.

5. Reverse Switch – Do not use the slide-switch to put the motor in reverse while the receiver is on as this will damage it.

6. Lamp Flickering/Dimmable Bulbs – If you experience this or a flash when switched off it indicates that you have a non-dimmable bulb installed or a cheap brand LED. Remove and replace with a dimmable one from a quality brand to avoid damage to the bulb.  If you are NOT using a dimmable bulb then the dip-switch must be set correctly to reflect that.

Powerboat Installation & Operating Instructions

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6 reviews for Henley Fan Powerboat – Universal AC Ceiling Fan Remote Control Pack with Voltage Spike Protection

  1. A Nice Remote – Merve d’Vrai (verified owner)

    A sleek well thought out design and quality German engineering.

  2. A Great Replacement for Hunter – Gabby Watson (verified owner)

    The matching snap connectors for Hunter made for a quick fit and up and running again.

  3. Great Value, Easy to Install – Steve Thornton (verified owner)

    Super value and works fine.

  4. Great quality for the price – Sam Crowther (verified owner)

    Installed it quickly and works well. Much better quality than the cheap Hunter ones.

  5. Does the job – Bill Kevel (verified owner)

    Easy to replace my previous Hunter one – I hope this lasts longer!

  6. A Quality Product and Style – Marion Hilfer (verified owner)

    A very nice produce design and great value.

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