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Henley Fan Powerboat Ceiling Fan Universal Remote Control Pack

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The Henley Fan Powerboat is our own brand universal remote control pack (comprising handset and receiver) built to high German quality standards to resist normal domestic power surges.  It has a stylish design with a 3 speed control with dimmable light switch and 2 year warranty.

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The Powerboat is our own brand great looking, great value universal ceiling fan remote control for AC type ceiling fans.  It is designed to be similar to Hunter’s Speedboat remote but without the LCD although it has slightly more functionality as it can do dimming.  This pack comprises of both the receiver (which sits in the canopy of the fan) and the handset which sits in the wall cradle.  It is manufactured in Taiwan by Rhine the largest remote control company globally to exacting German standards and quality to resist power surges and provide a long-life. Depending on the available space within the canopy (which is where the receiver is positions and is always tight) it will work with all AC powered ceiling fans.  If you are not sure please remove and check the size of your existing receiver.


– 3 speed fan control
– Transmitter handset and receiver pack
– Light dimming selectable using dip switches (not possible on low-energy light bulbs)
– Includes a wall cradle holder
– 230V-50Hz
– Maximum motor power load 115 W
– Maximum light load 300 W
– Radio frequency works on 434 Mhz range
– RF Range 10 metres
– 16 Selectable RF codes (to avoid interference with other devices)
– 23A 12v battery (included)
– 2 Year warranty


1. If you are planning to use in a Hunter fan you will need to ensure that the receiver is fitted for this to work. The handset on it’s own will not work a Hunter or any other fan receiver.

2. The snap connectors on this receiver will not fit Hunter or most makes of fan.  Your electrician will need to cut the snap connectors and then use the enclosed block connectors so that the colours of the wires match – Brown is live, blue is neutral, yellow/green earth and black goes to the fan light.

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