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Universal Ceiling Fan Anti-Wobble Balancing Kit


A Hunter ceiling fan balance kit for eliminating wobble on Hunter and most brands of fans and can be used to fine tuning the fan blade balance.  Ceiling fans should not wobble as that creates unnecessary noise, impairs their performance and can lead to premature failure of the motor or be a warning sign that the fan will sooner or later fall down.

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Universal Anti-Wobble Balancing Kit

This kit is manufactured by Hunter but is universal kit so can be used on any fan.  It comprises a plastic peg and 3 lead weights that can be used to remedy any slight imbalance on the fan that gets amplified whilst running creating a horrible wobble and accompanying noise.

Is A Ceiling Fan Wobble Dangerous?

Ceiling fans should not wobble at all and run perfectly smoothly.  A wobbling fan, whilst not usually dangerous, will create unnecessary noise, reduce performance, increase waste heat and place an additional strain on the motor and blades eventually leading to premature failure.  They are also unsightly to see and can frequently be seen in shops and airports that don’t bother to maintain their equipment properly.

What Causes My Ceiling Fan to Wobble, Vibrate and Make a Noise?

If the installation of the fan is new then it could also be a sign that the it has not been done correctly.  The fan should be sited on a solid cross-beam or rafter and not a plaster board or something that can vibrate and work loose.  All the screws of the base-plate into the ceiling need to be firm and tight as should the fan assembly itself especially the drop-rod hanging ball and bracket assembly.  Most important check that the cotter pin has not been left out or replaced with a screw as this will work loose and eventually lead to the fan falling down.  Untight screws and non-solid siting of the fan can cause superfluous noises and or ticking.

If the fan has been up for a few years and developed a wobble then it can be due to the blades warping if they are made from poor quality wood.  The fan might have been knocked by someone or something that has nudged the blades a bit or that the original fixings are working loose which could lead to it falling down.

How Do I Stop My Ceiling Fan from Wobbling?

If your Hunter ceiling fan (or any other brand for that matter) develops a wobble you will require a Hunter Balancing kit to help resolve the problem. The kit comprises of specific lead weights, a testing peg and Velcro fasteners.  It is universal and can also be used on any other ceiling fan although the clip may not fit depending on the thickness of the blades.

How Do I Fix the Balance on my Ceiling Fan?

The balancing procedure is as follows:

  1. Blade swapping – First of all check the effect of swapping the blades around and they can be in three possible positions.  Leave them in the position that gives the minimum wobble.  NB:  Do not mix and match blades from different fans as they are made and balanced in the factory in sets.
  2. Blade warping – If there is still a significant wobble after step 1 then take the blades and blade irons arms off the fan and lay them flat on a table to see if any are warped and/or damaged which would cause a wobble.
  3. Balancing kit – Proceed to use the balancing kit.  First put the peg with a lead weight half way along the blade and again try the other two blades.  The one that gives the least wobble should then be fine tuned by moving the peg in and out along the blade.  Once the perfect position is found then stick the lead weight on the top side of the blade by peeling off the back of the sticky pad and check that the wobble has been eliminated.

Will My Ceiling Fan Fall Down?

A ceiling fan wobble if left unfixed can get worse over time and whilst not usually unsafe depending on the cause can sometimes eventually lead to the fan dropping and falling down.  If it is running at the time then the wires will tangle and break or short with the fan crashing to the floor causing damage.  If it is not running at the time then it usually ends up hanging being held by the wires.

If you have just installed your fan and it has developed a wobble in the space of a few weeks then check the mounting plate in the ceiling is secure, all the screws and especially that the cotter pin is present in the hanging ball and that everything is solid and tight apart from the drop rod which should be able to swing easily.

Hunter Fan Hanging Kit

The hanging kit comprises:

  • 4 x Lead weights with sticky tape on
  • 1 x plastic peg
  • Full instructions
  • Price includes Postage & Packing









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