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The Restaurant Owners Who Don’t Care About Customers

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year with temperatures soaring to over 35°C in London yesterday late afternoon when I was driving back.   I stopped to eat in a Thai restaurant in Hammersmith which amazingly had its air conditioning turned off either to save money or because it was broken and had just one tiny floor stand fan that was not doing anything.  No wonder it was empty as must have been well above 40°C in there.  How many other restaurants and offices had broken air conditioning and nobody available to fix it yesterday?  The other issue is that they consume too much electricity to run and so are kept off especially in the hot weather!  The solution is to use ceiling fans are so reliable and cheap to run that you don’t get those problems.
Why run a business, pay all that rent for a prime location and not give a damn about your customers or employees?  If they simply invested in 6 ceiling or wall fans it would have transformed the comfort level and would pay for themselves in weeks with increased customer footfall, improved customer service and satisfaction.