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Technical and Design

Ceiling Fan Blog Technical & Design Aspects

Here we list articles on a range of technical and design topics relating to ceiling fans.  We believe that these are important since they define what we do and why we do it.  Instead of simply listing products to sell we want to educate our audiences and promote understanding about them so that you can make informed choices and not buy things that you later regret.  It is also difficult to imagine just how a particular ceiling fan will look once installed in a room.  We think it will help by showing a wide range of fans in a variety of different settings.  Both the design and interior design are so important to ensure maximum enjoyment for the users or if you are a business for your customers.  That’s why we are proud to be associated with brands that take their design and style seriously such as MrKen who have 3 up-market shops in the creative sector of Bangkok and Tapei (see photo above) where architects and interior designers can truly experience their products.
We are always delighted to receive images from our happy customers showing us their installations.  If you buy a ceiling fan from us that you are satisfied with  then please consider sending us some pictures so that we can post them here to help others to have a similar experience.