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Just like any other home accessories, a ceiling fan deserves a place where its benefits could be maximized.

Not all place at home is good for putting up a ceiling fan and it’s very important for you to know which among these places are good and not. Otherwise, you’ll risk not being able to use the unit at its full potential or even a broken ceiling fan.

But before we go on the specifics of which area should you place in your fan, let’s first remember one important rule on which place should you NOT place it.

Always remember: A ceiling fan should not be placed in an area that is less than 7 feet.

This reminder is to make sure that you don’t get hurt especially if you’re using a big-sized fan.

Now to the best places, let’s start off with….

  1. Bedroom

If there’s a place you would love to be comfortable with, that will be your bedroom.

The last thing you would want to happen is to wake up in the middle of the night, sweating an unable to get back to sleep. Installing a ceiling fan above your bed will get you out of this scenario.

You get to sleep tight on a moderately cold temperature.

  1. Living room 

Ceiling fans circulates the air inside a room, preventing warm temperature to settle in. Living room is a very good place to have this unit installed.

The most strategic area in a living room where you can put your ceiling fan is at the middle of an area where most people gather. For instance are two sofas separated by a table in the middle. People would naturally sit on the sofas so the logical place to put your fan is directly above the table where everyone sitting on the sides gets to feel its cool.

Nothing beats a good doze of conversation without worrying about the heat.

  1. Kitchen

There’s a saying that goes: When it gets too hot, get out of the kitchen.

It conveys a lot of different scenarios depending on how you want to take it but if you think about it literally, it does make sense.

However, getting out of the kitchen when it gets too hot may not be a sustainable solution to the heat. Put a ceiling fan at the center of your kitchen and drive the heat away.

You don’t have to get out.

  1. Dining room 

Everyone deserves a great meal. And this great meal involves a comfortable place where everyone can enjoy a conversation while savoring. Install one on your dining room and enjoy your meal!

  1. Home office 

Work demands time and attention. As such, you need to get the best comfort you deserve to reduce the strain and maintain your focus. Installing a ceiling fan on your home office can help you on this.

It takes a little bit of knowing the place in your house you most spend your time into to know where to install your fan.

Do you feel comfortable in your living room? How about your bedroom?

If not, then what are you waiting for?