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Your ceiling fan has now stopped working so you bought another one. Now you’re ready to install a new one. But how?

One thing you need keep in mind when you’re about to replace your ceiling fan is that you can do it by yourself using the simple guide I will be writing down below. However, if you think you’ll need assistance to do the process, then don’t hesitate to ask for help.

You’ll be dealing with electrical connections after all. Also, if you plan to install a remote control on your fan, make sure you have an electrician on call if you don’t think you can do the code settings by yourself (which requires delicate wirings).

So bring out now your new set of fan and do the following steps:

  1. Turn off the control switch of your fan.
  2. Proceed by removing the light shade of your ceiling fan. You can do this by loosening the screws holding them in place.
  3. Do the same with the blades. Loosen the screws to remove them one by one.
  4. Next, remove the canopy by unscrewing it.
  5. You will see wires from your old fan. Disconnect them.
  6. Work on removing the mounting bracket by unscrewing it.
  7. Get the new mounting bracket of your new fan and attach it to the same position of the old one using new set of screws.
  8. Connect the new wires using wire nuts. This is also the time when you install your remote control if ever you plan on having one. Don’t forget the batteries on the remote!
  9. Place the rod or canopy on the fan by sliding it up to the mounting bracket.
  10. Attach the new set of fan blades to the fan brackets using the new screws.
  11. Attach the blade brackets onto the fan using the new screws.
  12. Secure the light kit using the screws then put the glass on it (attaching it with news screws as well)
  13. If however you’re not using a light kit, connect the light and fan wires together and put the light cap on, securing them with screws.
  14. Attach pull chains (if applicable)
  15. Turn your new fan on!

There you go! Step by step ways in installing your new ceiling fan! Given the you follow the instructions here step by step, you will have no problems running your new fan after.

If however you find it not working, then there may have been an error during the installation process.

Take note of what is not working right on your new fan and do some basic troubleshooting. Usually, if it’s a new one, all you need is to reset the fan and turn it on again.

If you did the basic troubleshooting yet still find some technical glitches on the device, then you may need to call in a technician to see if you did something wrong with the installation.

Have you experienced installing a new fan? How did it go? Share us your experience!