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Have you ever experienced hearing a strange humming sound from your ceiling fan? Have you tried letting it be for a couple of days only to find out that the problem remains?

If you’ve experienced this, you’re not alone. In fact, there are other ceiling fan problems a number of homeowners experience from time to time.

Unless your fan is really old enough to merit buying a new one, these glitches can still be fixed.

So before you panic and jump into the decision of buying a new ceiling fan for your home, it’s important to know the common problems ceiling fans can experience in no time.

Ceiling fan shakes every time it’s turned on

Don’t jump into the conclusion that fan is broken when you see it wobble as you turn it on. In most cases, this is just a product of an improper installation especially if your fan is recently purchased.

Try turning off the circuit breaker and turning it on again. Turn on the fan and observe what happens. If the problem persists, consider uninstalling your fan using the manual that comes with the package and reinstall it.

Double check the fan’s blades and make sure that they are tightly screwed. This should do the trick. Otherwise, you’ll have to ask for a technician’s assistance to see what the problem is.

Ceiling fan light does not function

If your fan light is not functioning, the first thing you need to consider is your electrical connection.

More often than not, a non-functional fan light (and so with other device light connected to a main switch) is caused by a loose connection. Try its basic troubleshooting by turning off the entire main switch and opening the light kit.

Check if all the wires are secured and connected properly. Ensure that the pull switch of the light is working. After ensuring that everything’s intact, turn on the main and then the fan light. It should work by then.

Ceiling fan produces a grinding or humming sound

When you hear a grinding and humming sound from your ceiling fan, it’s either something is jammed between the blades or the motor and blades are not balanced.

Check for possible obstruction between the blades and remove them. Ensure that the blades and motor is balanced as well. If not, adjust the blades.

This should be fine. However, if there are no obstructions and the blades and motor seemed to be positioned right, then it might mean something is wrong on the internal circuits of your fan. At this point, you’ll need a technician to assist you in fixing it.

Ceiling fans can be prone to glitches especially if they are constantly in use. The 3 problems above are commonly experienced by all fan users and they all have their share of doing its basic troubleshooting.

How about you? Have you recently experienced any problems with your ceiling fan? Feel free to share your issues! We love to hear how you dealt with them!