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The best thing about installing a remote control for your ceiling fan unit is you get to control the fan speed and lights without necessarily going to the control board.

You may just sit across the room with the remote and you can easily adjust your fan speed according to your preference.

But installing a remote for your ceiling fan is not as easy as cleaning your fan blades. It’s more difficult and delicate considering the wire connections you have to set up and the code setting you’ll have to do beforehand to ensure that it works well.

Today, I’ll walk you through the steps in installing the remote for your ceiling fan. Gather up all the materials you need and let’s start off with:

  1. Setting the Code – Factories set this already into the ‘up’ position which we have to change. A remote has 16 different code combinations. To set the code, do the following:

  • Remove the battery cover by firmly pressing the arrow and sliding it off.
  • Slide the code switches whether up or down. Use a ballpoint pen or a screwdriver to make it easier.
  • Place back the battery cover of the transmitter.
  • To set the code for your receiver, switch the codes to the same position with that of your transmitter.

  1. Installing the receiver on your ceiling fan – Before you do this, make sure every connection to your ceiling fan is turned off. Switch of the circuit breaker of your fan to make sure. Electrical injuries can be fatal so be very, very careful.
  • Remove the ceiling fan canopy from the mounting bracket
  • Disconnect the wiring between the ceiling fan and supply at the electrical junction box
  • Locate the black antenna and lay it on top of the receiver. Place the receiver on the mounting bracket.
  • Establish the following connections:
    • Green fan wire to bare supply wire
    • Black receiver wire (AC in L) to black supply wire
    • White receiver wire (AC in N) to white supply wire
    • White receiver wire (to Motor N) to white fan wire
    • Black receiver wire (to Motor L) to black fan wire
    • Blue receiver wire (FOR LIGHT) to Blue light wire
  • Push all these connected wires into the junction box
  • Place back the canopy on the mounting bracket
  • Switch on the circuit breaker

Note: If the colors of the wires are different from the abovementioned, ask a certified electrician to do the process.

  1. Making the Transmitter operational

  • Install the appropriate battery. You may get this information by asking your manufacturer. If you don’t use the transmitter for a long time, remove the battery just for security purposes.

Installing a remote requires you to follow the instructions carefully. A single mistake can ruin the entire installation.

If you’re not sure about the process, better ask the help of a technician.

Have you tried installing a remote for your ceiling fan before? What was the most difficult part of the process?

Let us hear your thoughts!