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Just like choosing your hairstyle to fit your face shape, choosing the right fan to suit your need requires preparation.

Where do you want to place the fan? What style appeals to you best?

When you’re faced with the question of what type of fan to buy, it’s best to have some choices.

Below are some of the common types of ceiling fans available in the market. Browse through them and see if there’s anything you like!

Traditional ceiling fans

From the name itself – tradition – these type of ceiling fans are those which have delicate ornaments engraved on them as part of the design.

If you’re a fan of intricate designs that involve traditional styles like the Victorian ornaments, then traditional style ceiling fans may be your best choice.

Contemporary ceiling fans

If you’re a fan of the modern appeal and want your ceiling fan to look modern and ‘in’ for the season, then contemporary types of ceiling fans may be your best bet.

Outdoor ceiling fan (Wet rated)

Ceiling fans are not just for indoors. Some ceiling fans are made for outdoor setting such as this wet-rated outdoor ceiling fan. These fans are made to withstand direct contact with rain. So if you want to put one on an area susceptible to rain then these types are your best options.

This is best for places like: gazebo, cabana and lattice cover

Outdoor ceiling fan (Damp rated)

This type of ceiling fan can also be placed outdoor but it has to be in a place which is completely covered and will not be drenched in case of rains. Like the wet-rated outdoor ceiling fan, this can also be placed indoors.

This is best for places like: covered patio and screen porch

Rust Resistance Fans

For areas exposed ocean air or salt air locations, this type of fan is the ideal type. Beach resorts and hotels are most likely to use this type. So if you have a vacation house located near the sea, you can always go and install this on your place.

Bottom line is, you need to define where you want to place your ceiling fan. If you know the area where you want it installed, then you know what type to pick.

Failing to identify this will result in faulty buying of ceiling fan units. Besides, the last thing you would want is buy a unit and realize later on that it’s not fitted for the type of environment where you want it placed.

If you still doubt your own ability to choose the right one, you can always consult your friends or family members about it. Give them a call and ask them what type of ceiling fan they are using for this specific type of environment.

You’ll be surprised by how much information you get from a few phone calls.

Also, you may read product reviews online to see what others are talking about. You can even solicit answers by starting a threat in online forums.

Know what you’re looking for and select what type you like best!

Got any type you want to add on the list? Go ahead and write them down on the comments!