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How I Chose My Ceiling Fan

I have decided I would like fans in my home. I decided now is the time to find the best options for my needs. I found this site and saw that they had such a wide range to offer that I had no way to choose so called the number and had quite a few discussions with them. They asked me for room sizes and ceiling heights on my first call. Once I had the information I called again. I found the staff very helpful and once they had the information we moved to the next step.

The next step was what finish did I want for each room? The basic selection was white, metal or brass. Then we broke it down further because there is a few brass and bronze to select from. Did I want a light? What type of control did I prefer? I have to say without the help I would have got lost in the site because some fans had no light but you could add one of your own choice which personalised the fan. The same with controls as some came with wall or remote and others with just pull chains and I didn’t realise I had options with them either.

Once we knew the finish and size I required I was offered some suggestions and through a process of elimination came up with the right size fan for each room, some with lights some without. But I made all the selections and we broke it down between us to come up with the right packages for each room. So then once I was happy they took my order and confirmed it all along the way. I gave my details and was happy knowing it was completed quickly and efficiently.

Can you imagine my face when FedEx knocked the next morning and dropped off my order? I was really surprised because not only did Hunter spend time with me over the course of many calls but then to get my goods the next day was amazing. Now I just need to get them installed so it is a shame the electrician is not as fast at replying to me.

Jennifer Styles