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If you already have an air conditioning at home, it’s hard to think about installing a ceiling fan along with it.

What’s the point of installing one if you already have a full blown air conditioner providing you with the cool sensation that you’re looking for? If you already have an air conditioner, why spend more money only to add additional electrical expense?

Here are 3 must-avail benefits that will tell you why.

  1. Using a ceiling fan saves money.

Ceiling fans technically use less energy compared to air conditioning units. Therefore, it saves you some money. And while others would see this as not so practical especially on a very hot day (i.e. summer season), there are certain ways by which you can maximize the use of a ceiling fan while obtaining the necessary cool you need.

The easiest way to do this is to have your windows open while your ceiling fan is turned on.

Sometimes, it’s not the temperature that makes your room feel warm but the lack of air circulation inside. Ceiling fans help in disseminating air around your room reducing the warm atmosphere.

You don’t need to have your air conditioning unit turned on for the rest of the day. With the strategic use of a ceiling fan, you get to save some bucks.

  1. They are best complements to your air conditioning.

Air conditioning and ceiling fan may be competitors in the market but it doesn’t mean they can’t work together. In fact, when used properly, they can even help you save money for your electricity bills.


As mentioned, what makes you feel warm is not necessarily the temperature in the room but the lack of air movement around. With a ceiling fan helping the circulation of air, you may opt to set your air conditioner at a low fan or low cool mode rather than having it on high which naturally consumes more energy. Or if you’ve turned on your air conditioning unit at a high cool mode half of the day, you can turn it off and have the ceiling fan do the work the rest of the day as it scatters the residue cold atmosphere.

Over all, you win.

  1. Ceiling fans add more beauty to your home’s interior design.

Admit it.

Between a ceiling fan and an air conditioner, ceiling fans look more stylish. What’s more is that at present, ceiling fan manufacturers have been constantly updating their designs and functions to fit to a home or office interior.

Ceiling fans are no longer just for convenience purposes but for aesthetic design as well. Just like carpets and other beautiful home accessories, they give you an added value!

So you see, you’ve got reasons to get a ceiling fan for your place! You don’t even have to give up your air conditioner or whatever to get yourself one. You can combine, innovate, get the best cooling benefit you deserve and save money!

Now isn’t it the right time to go pick the ceiling fan of your choice?